Stay Ahead of Threats with Application-Level Protection

Ensure Business Continuity with Advanced Threat Protection for AWS Workloads


FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall

Secure Connectivity

Enable scalable remote access VPN (SSL or IPsec) to AWS-based workloads, with built-in SD-WAN.

Advanced Threat Protection

Identify and mitigate threats with powerful application controls, malware protection, web filtering, antivirus, and IPS technology.

Top-Rated Performance

Gain highly-rated next generation firewall defense, as certified by independent testing. Fortinet is a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant in Network Firewalls.

What is the best way to deliver business continuity in today’s rapidly changing environment? You need agile deployments that seamlessly scale and deliver high availability, while maintaining security and ensuring regulatory compliance.

To enable your organization to move faster, FortiGate Next Generation Firewall provides AI/ML-driven advanced threat protection and scalable VPN connectivity to your AWS workloads. With native AWS integration, FortiGate supports automated security policies based on object tags and labels, and can leverage AWS services such as Transit Gateway and Gateway Load Balancer. And with single pane of glass management, you enjoy deep visibility and control across your Amazon VPCs.

Automate your FortiGate deployment on Azure

Quickly deploy a FortiGate-VM instance and demo environment using an automated ARM template. The demo enables you to see how an application is protected from external threats as well as how Fortinet Fabric connectors, using Azure tags, provide an easy way to manage security policies with dynamic infrastructure changes related to your workloads.

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Trusted Across Industries

“Best security provider for my systems”

“FortiGate provides security for each and every single system you use in your daily life…To have a full secure and safe environment this product provides the ability to create VPN SSL to have full access to my network from anywhere even from my home.”  

Project Engineer

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Very efficient and competitive NGFW firewall”

"Protecting against intruders, it contains a first-line antivirus and a web application firewall, which gives us first-class protection with simplified administration and complete reports." 

Information Technology Security | Seguridad de la Información

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"Ideal firewall for small business"

“We wanted to replace our perimeter legacy firewall and after long searching process we found FortiGate NGFW, which works well and provides the perfect security solution for our organization.”

Small Business User

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Simple and Customizable Deployment

Watch this tutorial video on setting up FortiGate-VM on AWS. It covers a quick overview of some of the key features that provide advanced threat protection for your applications. In this video you will learn how to:

  • Launch a FortiGate instance from AWS Marketplace
  • Access the FortiGate GUI to configure your security options
  • Create additional network interfaces for LAN security configurations
  • Set up security fabric external connectors


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Advanced threat protection for your cloud environment

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